You just cannot put aside the time each day for hedge trimming and garden decorating, whether you live in a bustling city or a quiet suburban home. It can be a grueling and exhausting job that no one wants to do on a regular basis.

Our Top 3 Picks

You can cut the bushes, shrubs, and hedges by hand every day using gardening scissors and tools, or you can get a fresh new 4 stroke petrol hedge trimmer.

If you’re not sure how to choose from the plethora of gadgets available online, or if you’re not sure if you really need one, read the reviews we’ve compiled for you below-

Best 4 Stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer

1. Challenge 26cc 4 Stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer 

This Challenge 4 Stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer is great for large hedges and has the power to tackle any demanding hedge trimmer operations. This trimmer can cut through branches up to 28mm thick, and with cutting lengths of 55cm and no cable restrictions, size isn’t an issue. You’ll get a finer cut and finish on your hedges with dual action blades. You may work anywhere with fuel power without the worry of cutting the wire. Before starting up, you’ll need unleaded gasoline and engine oil (60ml SAE10W 30 engine oil).


  • Brand: Challenge
  • Power: 26cc. 
  • Blade length: 55cm
  • Tooth gap: 28mm
  • Weight: 4.9kg


  • Lightweight.
  • Anti-vibration device
  • Increase your productivity.
  • It’s best for huge hedges.
  • Blades that have been laser cut.
  • Rear handle that rotates.
  • There is a dual safety switch.
  • The trimmer’s maximum cutting diameter.
  • Both a safety guard and a hand guard are included.
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2. Hyundai HY4HT26 26cc 4-Stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer

The HY4HT26 is a strong and ergonomic 26cc petrol hedge trimmer that is built for ease of use and economy. A 585mm double reciprocating cutting blade with a 510mm effective cutting length is included. Special handle isolation mountings reduce vibration transmitted to the operator’s hands and arms for a more comfortable cutting experience, making it ideal for overgrown gardens.

It’s powered by a 26cc 4-stroke Hyundai petrol engine that provides good mid-range torque and improved fuel efficiency, plus Mo doesn’t have to mix 2-stroke oil and petrol. It has an easy start engine with a CDI ignition system, so you’ll never have to struggle to start it. Its high power to weight ratio makes it excellent for all hedge cutting duties around the house.


  • Brand: Hyundai
  • Model: HY4HT26
  • Color: Blue
  • Item dimensions: 100 x 23 x 25 cm
  • Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Cutting width: 510


  • 51cm Double-Sided Cutting Blade for Efficient Cutting Runs on Straight Unleaded Gasoline, so No Messy Petrol-Oil Mixing
  • Easy Recoil Start Hyundai Engine with CDI Ignition, Simply Prime, Pull, and Go Handle Rotates 180° from Left to Right to Suit a Cutting Direction for a More Precise Cut (and Left Handers)
  • Anti-vibration technology reduces vibrations and strain, particularly when used for long periods of time.
  • Hyundai UK offers a three-year warranty.
  • Complete spares are available to keep your hedge trimmer running smoothly for years to come.

3. Stanley 26cc Hedge Trimmer 4 Stroke

Trim, prune, and cut hedges, bushes, and shrubs quickly and easily with the Stanley 26cc Hedge Trimmer. The powerful 4-stroke engine has a no-load speed of 7000rpm, which translates to a substantial cutting speed of 2000rpm, yet the machine’s short and narrow design keeps it lightweight and maneuverable. Users are free to roam around as they choose because the engine’s patented 4-stroke technology allows it to operate at any angle without losing power or causing damage. The Stanley 26cc Hedge Trimmer is designed for ease of use, with curved, ergonomic handles and a recoil-starter that is made even more convenient by a digital ignition. Make yard maintenance easier and more pleasurable with a Stanley hedge trimmer, which comes with a 2-year warranty and continues to give power and reliability.

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  • Brand: STANLEY
  • Dimensions: 265 x 300 x 1070 mm
  • Package Weight: 6.2 kg
  • Color: Black, Yellow
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel


  • Engine is a 4-stroke petrol with a no-load speed of 7000 rpm and a cutting speed of 2000rpm.
  • Hardened steel counter rotating blades with a double cutting function are included with the Stanley 4 stroke Hedge Trimmer.
  • The product’s patented four-stroke mechanism allows it to be operated at any angle without losing power or causing harm to the engine.
  • The blade is 550mm long and the cutting length is 480mm.
  • The innovative recoil-starter, combined with digital ignition, ensures effortless starting time after time.
  • With a curved, ergonomic operating handle and starter, as well as a lightweight body, it’s designed for comfort.

4. Honda HHH 25D 75E 4 Stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer

The Honda HHH 25S 75E 4-stroke hedge trimmer is great for keeping gardens and parks in good shape. With ergonomic, vibration-reducing controls, an easy starting engine, and a lightweight construction, it can handle shaping or heavy cutting. Honda has created a world first by combining a classic hedge trimmer design with a small four-stroke engine. It also has an easy starting mechanism for smooth operation and reliability, and the four stroke technology means it uses less fuel and emits less emissions than a two stroke engine. It is also quieter to operate without sacrificing optimum performance. It has the same power and performance as equivalent 2-stroke motorcycles, but is much more fuel efficient and cleaner due to the lack of fuel/oil mixing.


  • Brand: Honda
  • Cut Width: 27″ / 690mm
  • Blade type: Double
  • Number of blades: 20
  • Engine: GX25 mini 4-stroke 
  • Engine size: 25 cc
  • Dry weight: 6.5 kg 
  • Noise value: 104 dB 
  • Vibration: 6.5 m/sec²


  • Honda GX25T 25cc 4-stroke OHC engine
  • 5-year warranty
  • 720 mm (28″) single blade
  • Anti-vibration frame that is one of a kind
  • Collector guard clipping
  • Both the discerning house owner and the professional user will appreciate this product.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are petrol hedge trimmers any good?

They are wonderful for long-term usage due to their petrol-powered motor, making them suitable for gardeners who labor for several hours per day. On the other hand, their weight makes them difficult to use on tall hedges, particularly for persons with back or knee difficulties.

2. How thick a branch can a hedge trimmer Cut?

Hedge trimmers, whether gas-powered, electric-powered, or battery-powered, are perfect for trimming hedges and thin branches up to 3/4 inch in diameter. Anything larger than this could snag on the trimmer’s teeth and cause it to seize up, therefore larger branches should be cut with a more powerful hedge cutter or chainsaw.

3. Which is better: 2 stroke or 4 stroke hedge trimmer?

2-stroke string trimmers are dependable tools because they have fewer moving parts. They are lighter than 4-stroke trimmers and vibrate less, reducing operator fatigue and providing a better trimming experience. They also necessitate less upkeep. In most circumstances, a 2-stroke may also be stored more readily.

4. Why is my petrol hedge trimmer smoking?

In a gas-powered hedge trimmer, the three most common causes of black smoke are: Leaking oil that enters the engine and is burnt off as it comes into contact with it. Excessive engine combustion, which can be produced by a variety of circumstances, or. Contamination in the fuel system that has made its way to the combustion chamber.

5. Do you mix 4-stroke oil with petrol?

For a two-stroke engine, this isn’t ideal. Mixing four stroke oil into gasoline to use as a two stroke lubricant means you don’t know how much physical oil you’ve added to the fuel because these additives aren’t lubricants in and of themselves.

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